Value Favs


Value Favs are part of the tipsterstreet platform of tipsters.

A spreadsheet of results for Value Favs can be found on the tipsterstreet website

Selections are sent via email around 10 a.m. with between 1 and 4 selections being the norm.

Prices are generally from odds-on to 3/1 just as you would expect when backing horses at the head of the market. 

Found the tipsterstreet customer services to be somewhat unhelpful after encountering a problem with Aweber their mail client.

Experienced a similar problem with two other tipsters I was using at that time. They to their credit, got things sorted by sending emails from another source. Tipsterstreet, on the other hand, took no responsibility, suggesting that the customer was to blame and should change their email.

Note that all Value Favs selections are a 2pt to win, a method which is often used to try and inflate profit figures.

Results listed below are to 1pt stakes obtained with BOG bookmakers and allowing for any Rule 4 deductions.

2017 Sels Wins SR P/L
April 84 35 41% 2.8
May 77 33 43% 9.3
June 65 22 34% -2.5
July 73 28 38% 3.6
August 55 26 47% 16.5
September 48 17 35% -3.8
October 41 15 37% 8
Total 453 176 40% 33.9 ROI 7%

A further check recently on the Tipsterstreet website showed that there was very little to cheer about with regard to results after October 2017.

In fact, over the last year to October 2018, a grand total of 1.4pts was made from backing Value Favs selections. Add in your monthly subscriptions and we are left with one tipster I don’t consider to be worth following.

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