September 2018


Monthly Report


Racing Tip Consortium who after adding around 82pts to the bank finally became a cropper providing only 5 winners resulting in a 23pts loss. 

Race Better ended the month on a lesser loss of 8pts though they do retain a respectable overall ROI 14%.

Overpriced Horse Tips made a small profit of 4pts with 5 winners during September 2018.

Chris Wigg Each Way Service did manage a small profit of almost 9pts, annoyingly again having a number of placed efforts along the way.

GV Tips I am backing 3 of their services.

1 Hour Day Tips +42.5pts   Standard +51.5pts   Standard Plus +19pts  Total +113pts

I have decided to reduce stakes on all tipsters and take things easy during this ‘change over’ from Flat – NH. 

Monthly analysis can be found on each tipsters review page.

For October I will be adding a couple of tipsters active on Twitter:  TeddyT @allsportstips and BettingBear @bettingbeartips

Commenced with the latter on 16th September, not a great start it has to be said, 14pts down. Looking at past history BB could pull the deficit back fairly quickly, we shall see. Bear reckons he will have a huge October and has even enticed clients with a ‘no win no fee offer’.

Services monitoring but not backing at present.

Updates for the following tipsters can be found in the ‘Tipsters On Hold’ category.

Fake Mug Bets Club  a reduced number of selections but again a loss, this month of 4.5pts at level stakes with a further 18pts lost on multiples.

Max Racing after the false dawn of a small profit in August fell back again ending with a September loss of 13pts. Since March the loss is now 55pts, not huge but it is month after month with an ever-increasing deficit.

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