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Racing Tip Consortium

Racing Tip Consortium (@racingtipco) created by a group of horse racing enthusiasts from the Northumberland area.

Refreshingly they make no wild claims on their website, also Racing Tip Consortium do reply to queries within a reasonable time.

All their selections are proofed to www.racingproofing.com, an independent proofing site operated by SBC (Smart Betting Club).

Racing Tip Consortium concentrate on flat racing only with selections being emailed to clients the evening before racing. Average is around 2 selections per day, all to 1pt win.

This is a simple email is containing the name of selection together with an advised price and bookmaker to use for the best price

A monthly results summary can be found on their website, www.racingtipconsortium.com.

Website results records show that from April 2017 through to December, there were 1105 selections producing a profit of 165pts (ROI 15%). Results for October through to December 2017 did, however, show a loss of 51pts for that 3 month period

My results for the Racing Tip Consortium service started on 6th March 2018.

Profit and loss figures are calculated on the price obtained with BOG bookmakers and allowing for any Rule 4 deductions.

April encountered a run 16 consecutive losers nevertheless the month did end with an acceptable profit of 18pts.

September was simply a disaster for Racing Tip Consortium, picking only 5 winners and suffering long losing runs, as a result, a 23pts loss incurred over the month.

Results over the AW season seem to slow somewhat in comparison to the gains made over the flat turf season, though apart from the 24pts deficit in September, no real damage incurred.

From February 2019 selections will be sent out early morning.

Following a return to form in May 2019 a little disappointed with the June reversal.

Monthly Results


2019 Sels Wins SR P/L
January 39 6 15% -3.5
February 28 6 21% 7
March 30 3 10% -19.5
April 39 7 18% -3
May 38 13 34% 28.25
June 47 7 15% -8.67
July 23 5 22% -6.3
Total 244 47 19% -5.72


2018 Sels Wins SR P/L
March 40 6 15% -1
April 40 10 25% 18
May 73 17 23% 16
June 75 15 20% 5.25
July 77 20 26% 9.12
August 73 22 30% 34.94 ROI 22%
September 52 5 10% -23.19
October 37 6 19% -0.45
November 34 9 26% 16.58
December 26 5 20% -2.65
Total 527 115 22% 72.6 ROI 14%










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