Racing Genius

On the Racing Genius website – you will be given the opportunity to turn £10 into £2012.

On show are some pretty impressive profit figures (£100/pt) increasing from £1838 in month 1 to £4519 in month 5.

Additionally Racing Genius claim a 42% win rate with an impressive ROI 39%.

Selections are sent via email Tuesday to Saturday, generally a 1pt win bet (low odds) and 2 x 0.5EW selections around 5/1 +.

I commenced with the service on 23rd May 2018.

On checking their website for the September 2018 results, things seem to have continued in a similar vein with a profit of 3.93pts.

Thus over the 4 month period, although the service does show a profit, even if it is only just under 1pt.

No great damage was done financially but is the service worth the effort or indeed the subscription fee.

Facts are that the live results recorded bear no resemblance to the Racing Genius pre-launch results.

2018 Sels Wins SR Place SR P/L 1pt Win Only
May 23
June 63 13 22% 14 43% -0.64 2.63
July 36 9 25% 8 47% 2.46 3.41
August 42 8 19% 5 31% -5.1 0.45
Total 141 30 21% 27 40% -3.28 6.49

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