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Race Better do not give out too much information on their website www.racebetter.co.uk no record of past results anywhere to be found. I am not sure what possessed me to try Race Better out, though to be fair they did perform reasonably well through the flat season.

This is a flat only racing service, sending an early morning email containing 1-4 selections for that day. All selections are to a 1pt win.

Clients receive a simple email with the name of selection and the current price on Betfair.

I started recording Race Better results on 7th May 2018.

Profit and loss figures are calculated on the price obtained with BOG bookmakers and allowing for any Rule 4 deductions.

From around mid-August, the emails became a little erratic only appearing every other day or so. It transpires that the vendor suffered an illness and had no one trustworthy enough to take over. As a consequence, August closed with 11 consecutive losers adding a further 5 losers to the start of September, but to their credit Race Better did end the month with a profit of 16.86pts.

Poor Communication

With no past results posted on the website, I wondered how they fared over the AW season so emailed and asked the question. No answer forthcoming from Race Better, perhaps they don’t keep records.

Very poor communication thus a warning to beware even although the service cost is only £12 a month.

Cancelled my subscription at end of October 2018.

Race Better continue to email me their selections, so I shall continue to record results.


2018 Sels Wins SR P/L
May 82 33 40% 10.08
June 73 42 27% 19.59
July 82 31 38% 12.85
August 58 20 34% 16.86 ROI 20%
September 78 16 20% -7.88
October 69 10 14% -31.12
November 66 12 18% -8.81
December 71 14 15% 10.93
Total 579 178 31% 22.5 ROI 4%


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