PetersTopTips website shows a 600pts profit at advised prices and staking being obtained from November 2018 through to April 2019.

Bets are released via their WhatsApp and Telegram platforms. Selections released in real-time and can be sent from the night before racing to early morning, also a message is sent when no more bets will be forthcoming for that day.

From June 1, those wishing to avail themselves to the early prices and possibly gain an edge can join their premium service and continue to receive their tips in real-time.

Also, premium members will receive a refund of subscription should a monthly profit not be reached.

PetersTopTips will continue to operate a free service on Saturdays, clients will receive the same selections as premium members but the bets will not be released until much later in the day.

Commenced tracking PetersTopTips service on May 1.

September was a rather disappointing month with the service suffering its first reversal in 11 months, true to their word all subscriptions were swiftly returned.

Hopefully, the service can get back to winning ways very soon.

A profitable 2019 with only one losing month since going paid in May with 197pts profit in those 8 months


2019 Sels Stakes Wins SR P/L
May 114 261.5 43 38% 43.84
June 94 244 44 46% 47.62
July 88 196.5 35 39% 32.75
August 67 168 33 49% 38.39
September 74 183 18 24% -29.17
October 48 111 21 19% 36.45
November 42 98 17 40% 22.9
December 40 86.5 14 35% 4.82
Total 567 1348.5 225 43% 197.6
ROI 15%

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