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Tipster Review – Others Tested

Results records for the following tipsters have been unfortunately lost on my PC, hence brief summaries.


Bet Alchemist:

Heard plenty of good reports about Bet Alchemist, well recommended on Smart Betting Club.

Followed this tipster from February 2018 through to July 2018.

Bets were on higher grade races generally 0.5pt EW, over the period you would win a few lose a few points each month. No great damage done but not getting anywhere other than paying subscription fees to the vendor.

Bet Alchemist publishes on the website full reasoning behind his selections.


Racing Consultants:

Followed from March to May 2018, another tipster who I selected after reading Smart Betting Club tipster reports. Finished the period almost level though did find the odd decent priced winner but soon followed by several losers.

Racing Consultants selections are sent out via email, the full reasoning behind each selection is available to read on their website www.racingconsultants.co.uk.


Alan Wood Racing:

Heralded by Tipster Street as the next best thing.  –    ‘Months of rigorous proofing now going live’.

Decided to give them a run, 2 selections per day, by the end of the month (May 2018) down almost 15 pts, checked the following month, down this time 56pts.

Tipster Street results page show Alan Wood did stage a recovery in July & August then it was back down the hill and now in November back to the profit level, he was at back in June.


Amazing the number of tipsters who have successful proofing spells and as soon as they go live, crash and burn.

Also, you have the dodgy tipsters who show logos from proofing sites. Trying to con you into thinking their results are being independently proofed. Lo and behold you visit the proofing site and said tipster is nowhere to be seen. 




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