November 2018

Monthly Review

November 2018 – This Is More Like It

Much better, almost a full hand of profitable services.

Racing Tip Consortium returned a profit of 16.5pts with 9 winners from 34 bets. Happy with that return.

Overpriced Horse Tips loss of 14.5pts. Only 3 winners from the 35 selections and have decided to drop this service. As I said before, the selections being advised are at shorter odds. I have no doubt Shaun, who runs an honest service, will be back and I wish him and his service the best of luck.

Chris Wigg service exceeded itself this month, 23 winners from 63 selections yielding a profit of 27.3pts. Add a further 23 placed selections to give total place only returns of 12.6pts.

GV Tips backing 3 of their services

1 Hour Day Tips Loss 10.8pts

Standard Loss 21.0pts

Standard Plus Profit 35.0pts

Total Profit 4.8pts

A slight change in my available time at present with regard to following the above and the number of selections they produce. For December I am dropping Standard service and replacing with the Starter service, lower prices but around 100 bets less per month.

TeddyT a decent start to the service, profit of 15.8pts providing 18 winners from 63 selections. A total of 97.5pts at advised stakes with ROI 16% plus around 14pts profit from Ted’s Before The Off tips.

Enigma Betting a heavier service selection wise, 143 bets in November providing 28 winners and a healthy 27pts profit. ROI 19%

Boring Winners Third of the new services and another in profit. Started rather slowly but a late rally resulted in 35 selections giving clients a 33.5pts profit. Note that most selections are 2pts but a respectable ROI 51%.

Instant Expert ( geegeez gold service)

Slowed down a little this month but still pulled in a profit of 10.5pts finding 16 winners from 79 selections.

Services monitoring but not backing at present.

Found in Tipsters On Hold section

Fake Mug Bets Club Level stakes a loss of 2.7pts with a further 29.6pts lost if betting multiples.

Max Racing managed a small profit 4.7pts this month, maybe a sign of things to come.

Race Better a loss of 8.8pts, now 3 consecutive months in a downward spiral with losses totalling 47.8pts.

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