January 2019


January 2019 – A reasonable start to the year


Racing Tip Consortium another slow month with only 6 winners from the 39 bets, closing with a deficit of -3.5pts

Chris Wigg service had another steady month which seems to be the norm for the service. From the 54 selections, there were 18 winners providing a profit of 7.63pts.

GV Tips backing only 2 of their services at present –

Starter +13.9pts

Standard Plus +62pts

Total +75.9pts


TeddyT suffered a rather frustrating month. Horse Pro service closed the month with a deficit of -17pts. Ted’s other services provided with the subscription package did rather better.

Placepot +21pts (3 pots landed with at least another 8 suffering a 1 leg defeat).

Football Lump bet +5pts

Dog bets +15pts

An overall total of +24pts


Enigma Betting a quieter month with winners harder to come by. From 91 bets there were 17 winners resulting in a reduced profit of 8.73pts.

Boring Winners continued on from a disastrous December into January 2019 with only 5 winners from 35 bets, this months loss being -17.62pts

Drawdown encountered from December through January was almost -64pts. Somewhat frustrating being the number of times a bet lost by 1 goal, corner or card.

BW has offered all members a free February.


Services monitoring but not backing at present. Found in Tipsters On Hold section

Fake Mug Bets Club another small level stakes loss of 6.17pts with doubles showing a profit of 6.45pts and a further 8pts from trebles, tempered however by -15pts loss on accumulators

Overpriced Horse Tips encountered another poor month showing a loss of 12pts from 30 selections which providing just 2 winners.









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