February 2020

February 2020 – A month of storms





Followed Teds ‘Stats System’ selections (level stakes), which proved successful, from the 119 bets there were 40 winners with a profit of 30.1pts

Ted has started a new service providing a daily stats sheet with all qualifiers and the daily stats system.



PetersTopTipsPeters Top Tips


Not a great month for the service resulting in a loss of -27.5pts with 13 wins from the 42 bets (94 pts staked).

Stopped backing selections on 15th after a loss of almost 23pts after a winning start to month.

Only 2nd losing month since service went paid last May, expect normal order to be restored next month.



Racing Jackk


Not a good month, another I stopped backing on 17th month after a poor run. From the 61 pts staked (37 bets) there were 4 wins recording a loss -20.9pts

Expect Jackk to bounce back next month.



Master PlanMaster Plan www.punthub.co.uk

@PuntHubBets @MasterPlanTips

Like many others suffering from since turn of the year, inprovement this month with 9 winners from 34 selections and a profit of +9.66pts



TAK Racing


A good start to the service, with 24 wins from 86 bets (131.5pts staked) and a profit of +27.44pts




February Portfolio: + 52.5pts

YTD Portfolio: +92.34pts


Jan Feb
2020 Stake P/L Stake P/L
Teds Pro Service 90.5 -11.46
Stat System 20 11.4 119 30.1
PetersTopTips 86 21.65 56.5 -6.55
Racing Jack 82.25 32.45 42.5 -8.15
Master Plan 48 -14.2 34 9.66
TAK Racing 131.5 27.44
Total 326.75 39.84 383.5 52.5
YTD 710.25 92.34





January 2020

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