February 2019

February 2019 – Equine Flu fright before Cheltenham


Very pleasing month for all 6 services, 162pts profit for February, with a year to date profit of 242pts, certainly not looking to change any at the moment.

Having a look at some Free tipsters operating on twitter who could be worth following, hope to have something online in a few days.


Racing Tip Consortium fairly steady month if not spectacular, providing 6 winners from 28 bets ending the month with a profit of 7pts. Now releasing selections early morning.

Chris Wigg service closed the month with a 16.14pts profit, albeit with a lesser strike rate than the previous month. From the 41 bets issued, 11 were winners with 2 of those winning at the tasty odds of 12/1.

GV Tips backing only 2 of their services at present –

Starter +20pts

Standard Plus +9pts

Total +29pts



Pro Tips service incurred a loss of 10.5pts for the month.

3’s and Over service, introduced this month was the star of the show with a 53pts profit.

Placepot +25.6pts

Football Lump a loss of 3.6pts.

Total  +64.5pts


Enigma Betting improved on last month with a profit of 25.75pts, finding 32 winners from the 117 selections.

Enigma introduced a new service – Morning Service, a number of selections from their evening service can be duplicated on to the morning service. A higher strike rate is anticipated resulting in less losing runs, from the 57 selections there were 21 winners giving us a profit of 16pts.


Boring Winners recovered from the doldrums ending the month with a reasonable 19.91pts profit. 11 winners were found from the 35 selections (62pts staked)

January February March
2019 Stk P/L Stk P/L Stk P/L
Racing Tip Con 39 -3.5 28 7
Chris Wigg 54 7.63 41 16.14
Teddy T Pro 95 -17 70 -10.5
3’s Over 107 53
Placepot 24 21 23 25.6
Lump 5 28 -3.6
Enigma Betting 99 8.73 124 25.75
Boring Winners 68 -17.62 62 19.91
GV Tips – Starter 55 13.9 70 20
Standard Plus 84 62 81 9
Total 518 80.14 634 162.3 0 0
YTD 242.44
ROI 15% 21%



Services monitoring but not backing at present. Found in Tipsters On Hold section

Fake Mug Bets Club another small level stakes profit of 0.37pts with doubles losing 15pts, trebles showed a profit of 5pts, though add another 9pts loss on accumulators








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