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A summary of the monthly results together with Enigma service details can be found on the Enigma Betting website – www.enigmabetting.co.uk.

Enigma Betting claim a strike rate of 25% with an average price of 13/2. They do warn though to expect a number of losing runs, some as much as 25-30 losers.

Selections are sent out the evening before racing to both your email address and Telegram link.

The message (CSV file) sent contains the name of the selection with the advised price, which will be available with at least two bookmakers.

You can expect in the region of 150 bets per month, most being a 1pt win.

2018 Sels Wins SR P/L
November 143 28 19% 27
December 122 28 23% 40.55
Total 265 56 21% 67.55 ROI 25%


February 2019

Enigma introduced a new Morning Service with selections released around 10:30 am.

A number of the evening service selections appear on the new morning service, Enigma does expect a higher strike rate with these selections with most being 2pt win bets.

For February and March existing evening customers will also receive the morning selections. Would rather receive and place selections in the morning than the evening before, will see how the new service goes and decide at the end of March.

Morning service did not perform all that well during March and I have decided to continue with the evening service for the time being. 

After two losing months, April & May, it was hoped June would see a revival, unfortunately not. Service very soon in deficit with a recovery around 22nd , false hopes however as the profit soon eroded and was heading back into the red. Jun 24th forgot to place the bets, 7 selections all lost and with 15 selections posted for the following day, decided to refrain from backing until I could see a convincing return to previous results.

The results table below includes all bets I have tracked from Enigma, the results posted on the June 2019 monthly report only represent selections I personally backed, hence the difference in results posted.

With a fourth consecutive losing month being recorded it will be a long hard road back for Enigma.


Enigma closed off like a Nigel Farage / EU Brussels get together, 9th August with -23pts P/L for the month at that point. A message came from Enigma stating those who had not paid for August were being kicked out, an extra week was given in lieu of time lost during the equine flu outbreak, (honest, wow) remember that week and the panic on the run-up to Cheltenham.

Enigma did say in June that if the month finished in a deficit, (would be their third month in a row), all would receive a free month. Not sure if that was a threat or a genuine attempt to retain clients.

July was my final month on a quarterly sub. Witnessing a fourth consecutive losing month, this time ending 18pts down, leaving punters to suffer a total of 86.5 pts deficit April – July, over 100pts if you include up to 9th August

Sort of puts one-off showing faith in a tipster by taking out a long subscription, only to be fobbed off when it suits them, then again may well just be the poor management and attitude of Enigma Racing.

You would think that Enigma would try and keep the few clients they had left instead of ‘give us your money or go away’.

As it stands twitter page nothing since July 29, website last results update was June, maybe they have given up, or just lying low for a few months then re-appear as if all is well.

Monthly Results



2019 Sels Stakes Wins SR P/L
January 91 99 17 18% 8.73
February 117 124 32 27% 25.75
March 156 171 40 25% 21.96
April 89 95 21 23% -10.82
May 162 172 32 20% -36.15
June 165 173 26 16% -21.64
July 158 160 26 16% -18.02
August 43 44 4 9% -23
Total 981 1038 198 21% -53.19



Enigma Morning Service 2pt stakes
2019 Sels Stakes Wins SR P/L
February 57 114 21 37% 32
March 112 224 28 25% -25.8
April 96 192 26 27% -7.37
Total 265 530 75 28% -1.17



June 2019


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