December 2018

December 2018 – Another Year Bites the Dust


Racing Tip Consortium struggled just a little finding only 5 winners from 26 bets, finishing with a deficit of 2.65pts

Chris Wigg service after last months improvement normal service was resumed this month. From the 51 selections, there were 16 winners providing a profit of 10.5pts, place only however resulted in a deficit of 7.44pts

GV Tips backing 3 of their services-1 Hour Day Tips + 19.75pts Standard +21.5pts Standard Plus +22.5pts Total+63.75pts

TeddyT another who struggled this month with 8 winners from 57 bets and a loss of 34.35pts

Enigma Betting kept up the good work of last month, although there are some busy betting days the service does look promising. From 122 bets there were 28 winners producing a profit of 40.55pts.

Boring Winners after several profitable months incurred a correction this month. Only 3 winners from 33 bets ending with a deficit of 34pts, some bets however failed by only a whisker.

Instant Expert ( geegeez gold service) Managed a small profit of 3.25pts, with 8 winners from 39 bets.



Services monitoring but not backing at present. Found in Tipsters On Hold section

Fake Mug Bets Club small level stakes loss of 0.25pts with doubles showing a profit of 9.24pts, with a further 17.65pts profit from trebles.

Max Racing a change in operation this month, most bets now 1pt with small doubles and trebles being thrown into the mix. A profit of 17pts from 38 bets and 13 winners.

Race Better despite cancelling continue to email selections. Provided 14 winners from 71 bets and managed a profit of 10.93pts.

Overpriced Horse Tips also continue to email selections despite cancelling. Another poor month however with a loss of 12.5pts from 30 selections and only 2 winners.


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