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The tips are delivered late evening via the BettingBear premium Twitter page, normally 2 selections to be backed as singles and a double.

One thing I did find strange was bettingbear’s each way betting method of staking. Where he would advise e.g., 1.5pts each way, he doesn’t mean 1.5pts to win with 1.5pts to place. Unlike the vast majority of tipsters, Bettingbear infers that the advice 1.5pts each way does, in fact, mean the total stake is to be 1.5pts.

Short Experience with BettingBear

I joined for the last 2 weeks in September, unfortunately, the month ended with a loss of 14pts. October incurring a further loss of 54pts, disappointing as his previous monthly figures had looked good. I do normally try and give a tipster a 3-month run however with Bettingbear I decided not to continue.

@CJ_BetSmarter tweeted recently a Tipster Red Alert warning, citing statements such as ‘October will be huge’. ‘You’re missing out’. ‘This offer doesn’t come round often’. We have all probably seen similar enticements to join with services simply to cough up the subscription.

Bettingbear immediately came to mind on reading the tweet having seen him come out with similar statements.

Note that BeattingBear has not updated results on his Twitter page since August.

No win no fee

BettingBear as an inducement to join him for a huge October, a ‘no win no fee’ offer was put on the table.

After another losing day on 27th BettingBear decided to call an early halt to October. The following day I DM’d Bettingbear asking if he was going to honour his ‘no win no fee’ offer, replied ‘Yes he would ….. THAT or 2 free months’.

Decisions, decisions. 2 free months of tips from someone who over 6 weeks was down almost 70 pts or at least get a few quid back and move on.

Replied I wished the ‘no win no fee’ offer, later sent him my link, he came back asking for my email address. BettingBear was now simply playing for time, he already had my link, according to Paypal your email address is not required. He did though pay up later on the following day, perhaps awaiting transfer of funds from his Cayman Islands account.

Did have help from @CJ_BetSmarter who did DM Bettingbear and drop a few tweets on his Twitter page.

BettingWolf @Betting_Wolf – it seems was one who was refunded quickly, though with several hundred twitter followers you can understand why. Without the above help, I do wonder if I would have got anywhere.

Bettinbear may go on and be profitable in the future and good luck to him. But as a person not one I wished to be involved with. Plenty of decent tipsters out there to choose from.

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