I have held an interest in horse racing for many years, had some good wins on occasions. Then there have been the times you wondered if you will ever back another winner. Remember one of my first bets – Le Garcon D’or had 2/6d (old money) on it, won at 100/8. Did not have a clue how to calculate or more so the ability to carry out a simple pre-decimal calculation.

2/6d multiplied by 100 divided by 8 = £1 13/9d (1 pound 13 shillings and nine pence) simples, we didn’t need calculators in those days. Just had to trust the bookie, would you steal from a 15-year-old kid wearing overalls, steel toe capped boots and trying to grow a moustache.

Guilty of using various tipsters off and on during periods of my punting life. Some were not too bad, some completely useless and those who were just out to con you.

Most of my current crop of tipsters were found from internet searches, all charge a reasonable subscription fee.

My aim with this blog is to give honest live reports on tipsters I have followed recently.

Individual report on each tipster updating their results table every month plus a general monthly summary of all my portfolio tipsters.

I have no affiliation with any tipster reviewed here, no backhanders, no freebies. All are tipsters I subscribe to and pay for out of my own pension. In fact, you could say HM Government are paying for these tipster subscriptions, remember my triple lock Mr Hammond.